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At the heart of Mighty Cards is a mission to enhance children's emotional literacy and self-compassion. We want children to know that every single emotion is normal. Happiness, excitement, anxiety, disappointment, anger - and so many more. It's okay to have any of these feelings. Being able to recognise, understand, express and manage a range of feelings is what we call 'emotional literacy' and it's an important part of positive mental health. We know, however, that some emotions can get too big and feel pretty horrible. They can make children feel really overwhelmed and their parents/carers feel powerless to help. We call these emotions “tricky feelings”, because, while no feeling is fundamentally bad, there are definitely some feelings which can be tricky to understand and tricky to manage. Mighty Cards help children to cope with these tricky feelings.


Mighty Cards are a set of 36 engaging strategies to help children aged 4 - 11 cope when tricky emotions feel too big. 

Developed by myself (child psychologist), the strategies are based on effective psychological frameworks and are divided into 3 categories: breathing techniques, creative activities, and movement exercises.


Beautifully illustrated with clear instructions, Mighty Cards help to promote calm, release tension and stress, build emotional literacy and self-compassion, and increase self-esteem. 

Produced ethically: made in the UK using products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Please note: we are closed for 4 weeks from 30/07/23 and all orders placed within this time will be dispatched after 29/08/23. 


Would you like a Mighty Cards Consultation

Mighty Cards Consultations are stand-alone sessions that you and your child attend with me to introduce and embed the cards into your child's routine. We will identify how Mighty Cards can be used to help your child meet their personal best hopes, whether it is for stress release, improvement in sleep, more confidence, or any other goal. Depending on your location, Mighty Cards Consultations take place online or face-to-face. Get in touch for information including availability and cost. 

Sue Atkins 
Disney, BBC & ITV 
Parenting Expert & Author

"Mighty Cards are absolutely beautiful, brilliant & SO helpful. They support children & help them to manage & understand their BIG emotions, which is so important... I love the Breathing, Moving, Visualising & Creative activities that empower children to feel calm, centred, strong & joyful."

The SEN Resources Blog

"I wholeheartedly recommend it. What's wonderful about these cards is the strategies on them are all play based. Fun, creative, and child centred...The cards are colourful, fun and have such beautiful illustrations."

Mum and Teacher

"Very child friendly. Lovely illustrations & simple, concise instructions. Good variety of activities within each section. Robust, good quality cards. These are truly lovely & useful."


"We thought they were really great. Lots of lovely different strategies to help them calm down, breathe, express themselves etc. I would 100% recommend!"

Child (age 8)

"I like doing the cards with Mummy. They help me feel calm."


"They are a wonderful simple resource for children. In a world of fast paced electronics etc it's lovely to stop and be mindful."

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