Workshops & groups
We deliver a range of workshops and groups to children, adolescents and parents. These are based on an integration of psychological models including CBT, solution focussed, and narrative therapies.  Our workshops/groups are delivered in community settings including schools and are successful at instilling the mighty skills that are at the core of our mission: emotional literacy, compassion, connectedness, and autonomy.
Young & Mighty's workshops and groups include: 
    Mighty Me building self-esteem in primary aged children (adapted for different age groups) 
    Calm Kids for children aged 5 - 11 years, this programme focusses on developing their emotional literacy 
    Mellow Moments for 11 - 16 year olds, helps to develop skills in anxiety and stress management
If you would like any information about our workshops and groups, please contact us. ​

What families have said about our workshops and groups 

By far the best thing my child has done! He now has a toolkit to help him whenever he gets anxious and he is generally happier and more confident now

I have become more confident and I'm now able to talk to other children in my class

At first I didn't see the change but then wow! She is calmer, more confident and I also feel much more able to stay calm in those difficult moments