Welcome to Young & Mighty, a social enterprise with a mission to nurture children's mental health.

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Dr. Gail Sinitsky, Counselling Psychologist

HCPC Registered; BPS Chartered 



I'm Dr Gail Sinitsky, child psychologist and founder of Young & Mighty. I am passionate about supporting the emotional and social development of children and have been working in this field for over 15 years, providing assessment and therapy, in schools, charities and NHS clinics. A key aspect of my work has been designing and delivering highly successful workshops and groups for children experiencing 'tricky emotions', low self-esteem, trauma, and relational difficulties.


The impact of these workshops and groups is striking. For many children, the result is improved self-belief, strengthened relationships, and increased positive emotions. Time after time I hear the same words:

"Every child should benefit from this!"

It's true - as a society we need to provide more opportunities to actively foster positive mental health from an early age. Not just if or when children are struggling or in crisis. But every child, throughout their childhood.

So, inspired and motivated to spread the impact far and wide, and with a wealth of experience and passion, I launched Young & Mighty.


Young & Mighty is a social business providing high quality and engaging tools and workshops that focus on actively nurturing and strengthening children's mental health.  We want to help children become their most 'mighty' selves, so that they can thrive as they grow, even in the face of difficulties. We want children to have a strong sense of self-worth, to feel connected to others, to experience the transformative power of kindness and compassion and to have the tools to draw on when they face life's inevitable challenges. 


With a foundation that taps into children's natural creativity, honesty, playfulness, energy and ability to 'be in the moment', our tools and workshops focus on strengthening three particular areas that are integral to positive mental health:


1. Emotional literacy

We help children to develop the capacity to recognise, understand, express and manage an array of feelings. 


2. Compassion

We nurture kindness and compassion, and we emphasise the important but often neglected practice of self-compassion.


3. Connectedness 

We aim to strengthen children's sense of connections with others - including their families, friends, and communities. 

Mighty Cards are our first product and they embody our mission. We are currently designing and developing other products, and we also hope to soon roll out our series of Young & Mighty workshops.
Please get in touch with any questions, suggestions or feedback.