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Welcome to Young & Mighty

Young & Mighty provides tools and therapies that enable children and teenagers to: feel valued and validated; to express, play and create without judgment or expectation; and to have meaningful connections with people around them. 

This is needed now more than ever. Children and adolescents face enormous pressures and challenges today. It is sad, yet not surprising, that so many children and teenagers are struggling with anxiety, low mood, trauma and other mental health difficulties.


In our fast-paced, pressurised, technology-focused world, we need to intentionally carve out space for children and young people to connect, create, unwind, and 'just be'. 


Young & Mighty provides these spaces.  

 I welcome you to look through our website and get in touch. 

- Dr Gail Sinitsky -

Counselling Psychologist

Founder of Young & Mighty

Nurturing child and adolescent mental health 

Explore services

Numbered Stones
Sunset Iceland .heic

A set of 36 engaging activities to promote calm, release stress and tension, and build emotional literacy.

Therapy with Dr Gail Sinitsky, HCPC registered and experienced counselling psychologist

Soon to launch, The Zen Den is a weekly therapeutic group for children, promoting self-esteem, calm, and social connections. 

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