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Helping children feel calm and connected

Created by Dr Gail Sinitsky based on years of experience as a child psychologist and effective psychological framework, Mighty Cards are a set of 36 engaging strategies to help children aged 4 - 11 cope when tricky emotions feel too big.

Beautifully illustrated with clear instructions, Mighty Cards are being used by thousands of children - at home, schools, hospitals and therapy services. 

Teaches calming techniques

Builds emotional literacy 

Releases tension & stress

Facilitates difficult conversations

Encourages creative thinking

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What people are saying about Mighty Cards: 

Really great! Lots of lovely different strategies to help them calm down, breathe, express themselves etc.
I would 100% recommend!
- Parent -

Mighty Cards are absolutely beautiful, brilliant & SO helpful. They support children & help them to manage & understand their BIG emotions, which is so important... I love the Breathing, Moving, Visualising & Creative activities that empower children to feel calm, centred, strong & joyful.
- Sue Atkins -

I wholeheartedly recommend it. What's wonderful about these cards is the strategies on them are all play based. Fun, creative, and child centred...The cards are colourful, fun and have such beautiful illustrations.
- SEN Resources Blog -


Very child friendly. Lovely illustrations & simple, concise instructions. Good variety of activities within each section. Robust, good quality cards. These are truly lovely & useful.
- Teacher and Parent -

They are a wonderful simple resource for children. In a world of fast paced electronics etc it's lovely to stop and be mindful.
- Parent -

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