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I take my ethical responsibilities seriously and this is central to my passion and vision. I want to make a difference to every child, yet I am aware that many children will not be able to access the work, for various psychological, social, cultural or economic reasons.


So, I re-invest profits from Young & Mighty into delivering innovative, accessible and meaningful KINDNESS PROJECTS. 


Kindness Projects are infused with compassion and care, and aim to promote the mental health of all children but particularly those who are facing disadvantage or living with additional needs. If you are a school, non-profit organisation or charity that shares this vision and would like support, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch

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The Doorstep Homeless Families Project


I was devastated to hear about the emotional impact of the pandemic on the children supported by Doorstep. I wanted to make a difference and I realised that, whilst we can't solve many of the socio-economic issues, we could still help nurture the children's emotional well-being and importantly send a message that we care.

So, I delivered a number of creative 'mighty workshops' to the children, via zoom, focussing on emotional health and self-esteem. 

I also led a fundraising campaign and thanks to the generous donations made by friends, family and the wider community, we were able to deliver over 100 Kindness Kits, filled with arts materials, books, games, bubbles, modelling clay, and more. 

I look forward to supporting Doorstep families with future projects. 

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