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This Mighty Moments Tracker helps to develop skills in emotional literacy. Using the worksheet, you and your children can record and track self-care activities in a fun, child friendly way. It also helps to spark conversations with children about their day, their feelings, and their hopes.  

The Mighty Moments Tracker is designed for children of all ages. Parents may want to use it for themselves too! Some children, particular younger children, may need some support and may prefer to record their thoughts through drawings.


Take a look at our Mighty Cards for some additional Mighty Moments activities.

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Our 21 Day Kindness Challenge encourages children to engage in a variety of acts of kindness, which is integral to positive mental health. By ticking off the acts once completed, children may benefit from a sense of accomplishment. 

Expressing gratitude: helps children to focus on goodness, promote happiness and build connections with others. 

Being helpful: promotes children's autonomy and competence, and builds problem-solving skills. 

Hugging: a powerful act that increases children's feelings of belonging and security. 


Nurturing the environment: helps to promote a mindful appreciation of the world.


Making someone laugh: helps to relax the body and de-stress, and elicits positive emotions. 


Giving to others: develops children's creativity and boosts their connections with others.


Being kind to self: incredibly important (but hard to do!) - helps to develop qualities of acceptance, compassion and warmth.  

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This Self-Care Checklist is an easy-to-use tool to help children and adolescents (and adults!) plan and record self-care activities. This simple tool helps to reinforce the importance of nurturing positive mental health and emotional well-being. The act of 'ticking off' helps to instill a sense of achievement, as well as being a regular reminder of the importance of self-care. You could introduce a regular routine of reviewing the check-list together with your child (e.g. at bedtime). This offers a focal point for conversations with children about the impact of particular activities on their well-being.

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This Problem-Solving Guide contains an effective and easy-to-use 4-step guide encouraging children to: 

  1. Reflect on problems they are experiencing 

  2. Explore various solutions, weighing up the pros and cons 

  3. Plan and implement a solution 

  4. Evaluate the chosen solution

Using this ​guide helps children to develop their creativity and analytical skills, encourages them to 'think before they act', and boosts confidence in dealing with tricky situations. 

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This Mindful Bookmark provides a short but fun opportunity for some 'mindful colouring' - inviting children to pause, focus their mind and engage in a creative activity. 


Children are reminded of this important moment of calm and creativity whenever they use their bookmark.   

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